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About Us

Creative Training Studio

We create a new experiences for a new achivements.

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Our values

01 - Non-stop achivements

02 - We belive in inner vision

03 - We belive in communication

04 - We belive in inner power of people and organization

05 - We love stunning expirience

06 - We love training and repitied

07 - We believe in pover of coaching

08 - We love live communication

Our Services

Whatever you want to achive, we can help with education.

Soft skills training
We know that all our behaviour isa patterns. We know how create training fun interesting and innvolving. We can make your people to love training and be a champions
Some times we need that the team go ahead and achive all challanges at that way. We halp do it during fasilitation. We find a way do it interesting like in game where you will win .
We belive in you, your goals, you way, and your way of fight. We know how you can do it faster and more efficient and more fun. We call it coaching thinking.
We find a way to make education more brighte and more efficient. Looking for parners in this area and new clients
Our Team Members

We are a collaborative studio with complementary profiles

Create a new educational expirience

What we do

We build beautiful and interesting form of educational practice to create new expirience? vision and new approach to behavior that create new reality for all training participant and your organization.

Why we?

We love active training expirience..

Over 20 years of experience in the training market

Our experience is formed from thousands of training situations and hundreds of organizations with which our team has worked during this time. This guarantees you our high expertise and creative approach to your tasks

Systematic supply of material

We are proud of our educational products. Our own development department updates our materials every month and adds something new to them. We know what, how, why to apply at the training. and most importantly, how to use it later.


Our trainers teach in those areas in which they have practice and significant experience..

Systematic training

Systematic training provides an opportunity for consistent growth and dedication of employees to the process of development and training, career and professional growth.

Partnership approach

We do not just conduct trainings, together with the client we form a culture of efficiency, effectiveness and customer focus

Focus on skills.

We focus all our programs on developing the skills of each employee in order to guarantee you sustainable changes in employee behavior and results.

Our Clients

We develop gorgeous, memorable projects for our customers.