Are you belive in thinking skills paterns?
Coaching thinking
for corporate team
Smart habbit of thinking

We deliver your team to sucsess by coaching thinking.

If you believe that the success of your business depends on each individual leader and their ability to think creatively in the face of market challenges, then our coaching mindset development program will help you work through the challenges facing your business in the short term to the fullest. Work out in coaching all the nuances, goals, obstacles and personal motivation of each of the team. This will give you, as a leader, maximum confidence in the successful implementation of the strategy and tactical resourcefulness of each player on your team. After all, the best way to win is a carefully prepared multivariate creative plan.

Program of two days training

We deliver your team to sucsess by coaching thinking.

Purpose: the formation of effective thinking by asking the right questions and the ability to implement what was conceived.

  • Definition - Coaching
  • Basic principles of coaching
  • Content, structure, process and form of ideas
  • Coaching position
  • GROW coaching session algorithm
  • Tones of voice
  • Effective coaching questions
  • Characteristics and scale of openness of questions
  • The process of conducting a coaching session step by step.
  • Three levels of listening
  • Format of the final result (four planning surveys)
  • Result frame
  • "As if" format
  • Channels of perception in building the image of the target
  • Association and dissociation in perception
  • Logic levels R. Dilts
  • Work to neutralize limiting beliefs

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Best instrument in today situation

Why is coaching needed?

  • Management in a situation of uncertainty
  • Solving work issues on the spot
  • Increasing the level of responsibility of performers
  • Finding original and non-trivial approaches to work
  • Changes in management style towards self-development of tasks
  • Development of employees directly in practice

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What result will the organization get from coaching thinking training?

The result is manifested in a detailed study of the corporate and personal goals of the participants in the form of coaching sessions between employees. As a result, corporate tactical goals are prioritized with a detailed action plan of what, when and how. In addition, participants work out personal goals, which creates an incredibly strong motivation to achieve high goals in this life. There is also a strong connection between personal benefits and the achievement of corporate goals. Employees charged for victory - what else do you need before the start of the corporate period?

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